17 Jun 2013

Maintenance KitPeriodic or scheduled maintenance is one of the most important aspects of car ownership. Every manufacturer publishes maintenance schedules for its vehicles.  Foreign Autohäus is a dealer alternative.  Factory trained technicians will care for your car, in the same manner as the dealership, without the dealership's cost.  Dealerships face extremely high overhead, which they must pass on to their customers. 

Foreign Autohäus, your dealership alternative, has trained technicians who can care for your car as well as the dealership, at less cost.  We don't have the overhead of a dealership yet we have the same diagnostic equipment, the same expertise, and through AllData, the same information as the dealership.  Foreign Autohäus has based its business model to be customer centric, that is to say, based on providing the best customer service possible. We specialize in the following marques:

For your scheduled maintenance needs, contact Foreign Autohäus, your dealer alternative.