BMW Maintenance

BMWs utilize sophisticated computers and algorithms to monitor how the vehicle is used and make service recommendations based on your driving habits and other environmental conditions. This information is conveyed to you via three different methods, depending on year and model.

BMW iDrive iDrive equipped BMWs

Maintenance intervals are displayed from the Service Menu under the Service Requirements or Information sources tab.


BMW Service Interval DisplayService Interval Display

Located within the digital display of your instrument cluster, the remaining driving distance to the next scheduled service is displayed (for a few seconds) immediately after the vehicle is started.

BMW Service Interval Light DisplayService Interval Light System

The Service Indicator, located in the instrument cluster, consists of five green, one yellow, and one red light and the indicators "Oil Service" and "Inspection".

When the ignition is switched on, up to five green lights will illuminate.  Then, depending on driving style and vehicle use, the lights will systematically turn off, one by one.  As the last green light is approached, this is an indication the next service is almost due, and allows the scheduling of the appropriate sevice in a timely manner. 

When the last green light is extinguished, the yellow and red lights remain with one of the indicators (Oil Service or Inspection), and indicate the next maintenance service is immediately due.  If servicing is delayed, only the red light will remain, and one should refrain from using their BMW until the service is completed.

The BMW service interval consists of three service groups:

Additionally, there are services that are time based (excluded from the main service groups):

  • Brake fluid flush and replacement, annually
  • Engine coolant flush and replacement, annually
  • Timing belt replacement (M20 motor), every 4 years or 50,000 miles whichever occurs first