Land Rover Other Maintenance

Land Rover Other Maintenance at Foreign Autohaus of El Dorado Hills

Other Maintenance Procedures

  • 52,500 miles
    • reset service reminder to clear "Service Engine"
    • check emission system and service as necessary
    • check function of O2 sensors
    • check operation of purge system
    • check gas cap
    • clean crankcase breather, replace hoses if collapsed
    • clean throttle body
  • 60,000 miles
    • replace pitman arm joint (all but P38 Range Rovers)
  • 90,000 miles (Discovery 1 and Classic)
    • Steering Linkage Joints - replace any that are still original

These Other Maintenance items are for illustrative purposes only, your vehicle may require a different program.  For a complete breakdown of services for your vehicle, please contact Foreign Autohäus directly, or ask your service advisor when dropping off your vehicle.