Mercedes Benz Maintenance

Mercedes Benz Maintenance at Foreign Autohaus of El Dorado Hills

The Mercedes-Benz Maintenance System

The Mercedes-Benz Maintenance System makes caring for your Mercedes easier than ever. The service intervals are fixed
and predictable - every 13,000 miles or one year for most vehicles(1) and 10,000 miles for V-12, diesel, AMG models and Model
Year 2009. Your vehicle will even remind you about your service - about one month before it's due.

Required Vehicle Service

There are two types of required service: A-Service (basic) and B-Service (extended). All scheduled service is necessary to
maintain your vehicle in its peak condition and to avoid damage not covered by your vehicle's warranty. Foreign Autohäus is staffed with trained personnel using original parts to ensure that your vehicle performs at its absolute best.

Routine Checks

In addition to A and B-Services, you should check the following items regularly and prior to any long trip:

  • Engine oil level
  • Windshield washing system (Add washer fluid mixed with Mercedes-Benz windshield washer solvent/concentrate, test function and check wiper blades.)
  • Tire pressure (Check at least every other week. The recommended tire inflation pressure can be found on the inside of your fuel filler flap.)
  • Lights

We also recommend that you visit Foreign Autohäus every three months, and prior to the winter driving season, and have the following items checked:

  • Engine coolant level
  • Brake system fluid level (If brake fluid needs to be added, see Foreign Autohäus to determine the cause, e.g., leaks or worn brake pads.)