Volkswagen Minor Maintenance

Volkswagen Minor Maintenance at Foreign Autohaus of El Dorado Hills

Minor Maintenance Procedures

Taken from Model Year 2009 Maintenance Schedule, for illlustrative purposes, please contact Foreign Autohäus for details for other models and years.

  • Oil Change/Oil Filter - change oil with Volkswagen approved oil, replace filter with Volkswagen filter
  • Winshield Washer Fluid - check level
  • Automatic Shift Lock - check operation
  • Brake System - check for damage/leaks, pad thickness, fluid level
  • Wheels - rotate from front to rear
  • Battery - check electrolyte level
  • Engine - check for leaks
  • Cooling System- check level
  • Transmission - check for leaks
  • Tires/Spare - check condition
  • Driveshaft - check boots
  • On Board Diagnostics - check Diagnostic Trouble Code memory
  • Door Hinge - lube
  • Headlights - check and adjust if necessary
  • Exhaust System - check for damage and leaks
  • Sunroof Frame - clean and lubricate
  • Front Axle - check dust seals, ball joints, tie rods
  • Road Test - check system functions during and after

Information courtesy of Volkswagen of America, Inc.